Caravan Siting and De-Siting Services

We can offer a siting and de-siting service, whether you buy your caravan from us or not. We offer an efficient, professional service, please contact us for a quote.

Siting your Caravan

It is best practice for the lodge or caravan to be sited in accordance with the code of practice for the transportation, siting and commissioning of caravan holiday homes, a copy of which is available via the National Caravan Council or the British Holiday & Home Parks Association.

Your holiday home should be sited on a correctly prepared standing of suitable material which should provide adequate support for the unit placed upon it.

Jacks, stands and blocks should be placed under the chassis in line with the vertical chassis member where indicated. All loading points must have a level finish in order to take the supports.

Some of the larger, longer holiday homes require additional support or axle stands at mid-points.

Under no circumstances should the corner steadies be used as a permanent means of support.

What We Do…

  • Move your holiday home on to it’s plot.
  • Jack up holiday home level, placing blocks under chassis support points.
  • Connect Electricity to holiday home.
  • Connect water to holiday home.
  • Connect all waste outlets to plot drain.
  • Connect gas to holiday home.
  • Organise the commission of water, waste and gas throughout holiday home.

De-Siting/ Removal of Caravan

What does my holiday park owner mean by “Dis-Connection and/or Removal”?
You may have come across this term in your pitch licence agreement or in other correspondence from your park and wondered what this means! – Well, this is the process of the disconnection of supply of services i.e. gas, electric, water and sewerage to your holiday home as well as the process of removing your static holiday home from its pitch, generally for relocation or removal.

What We Do…

  • We disconnect all services, Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste.
  • Jack the holiday home up and remove all supports.
  • Remove the holiday home from it’s plot ready for transport.

Please contact us for a quote for any of the above services.